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Alarm Systems


As a business owner, you know that unexpected trouble can strike your company. At any given time, your business could be vulnerable to internal and external theft. A commercial security alarm system from M & S Security Services, INC. can help ease those worries. We can design a system that will handle all your security concerns.


For homeowners and renters, a burglar alarm system is extremely important, and with today’s crime rates, it is imperative. Home protection is something that should not be neglected, especially when home security is so affordable. A security alarm system can help protect your home by warning you and authorities of an intruder while you’re away or while you are at home. We can design a custom system for your home at a competitive price.

At M&S Security Services we provide security systems from the smallest residential system to the largest commercial systems. From security alarm systems, video surveillance, access control, and commercial fire systems we can do it all.

Alarm Systems

Off Grid Security

Remote yards and property are not a problem. We can supply a turnkey solution including video systems with 4g internet connection, monitored trespass, and burglar alarms, all solar-powered.

Access Control

The ability to monitor the comings and goings at your site is very attractive to business owners as well as some residential applications. M & S Security Services, Inc. provides a variety of access control systems to meet different levels of protection.

Fire Alarm Systems

A fire can destroy everything you hold dear in the blink of an eye. Too often, fire protection is something that is not considered until it is too late. M & S Security Services, Inc. offers project-specific fire systems installed by state-licensed technicians. We can design a fire system that meets all NFPA requirements as well as yours at very reasonable rates.

Video Surveillance

The need for video surveillance systems is most definitely on the rise. Whether it is for your home or business, keeping things that are important to you under a watchful eye is easier and more affordable than ever. We can handle anything from small residential systems to more elaborate industrial locations.

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