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Guard & Patrol Services

We have many customers that require a multi-dimensional approach using a combination of security services. We can assess your particular security issues to come up with a comprehensive plan. No single set of circumstances is the same and we understand that. We are very flexible in our approach and try to consider everything when formulating a plan.

All of our Services


M & S Security Services, Inc. has a great track record of retaining customers. Our number of patrol customers has grown substantially over the years due to our responsiveness to issues; understanding of patrol procedures; identifying and concentrating on trouble areas, and working with customers to resolve problems relating to these issues. All of our patrol vehicles are clearly marked with reflective decals. We use late-model vehicles equipped with spotlights, radios, and a global positioning system. Our GPS system tracks location, speed, how long the unit was at a specific location, average stop time, etc.

Standing Guards

M & S Security Services, Inc. provides standing guard services for residential, commercial, and industrial locations. From weekend coverage at a shopping center to multiple sites and varying shifts at industrial locations, we can provide professional uniformed officers to meet your needs. We maintain twenty-four-hour overlapping supervision to ensure job performance and safety. Our supervisors check officers on site and communicate with all of our officers regularly via two-way radio as well as cell phones where needed.

Alarm Response

M & S Security Services, Inc. provides alarm response throughout Kern County. We contract with private homes, schools, businesses as well as fellow alarm companies. We continuously have multiple units on at any given time allowing for expedient response times. As law enforcement budgets and personnel become more and more exhausted we are a very affordable alternative.

Video Surveillance

The need for video surveillance systems is most definitely on the rise. Whether it is for your home or business, keeping things that are important to you under a watchful eye is easier and more affordable than ever. We can handle anything from small residential systems to more elaborate industrial locations.

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